To focus on our hopes and intentions for the New Year of 2024!

JANUARY 18 2024

6:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST

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The New Year is always a great time to look back and appreciate what we have accomplished the year before.  We do an accounting of all the growth we have experienced from our both our challenging and precious moments. As we say thank-you and goodbye to 2023 we start to turn to the new opportunities ahead of us.  


Doing a 5-card spread is a great way to find support through the virtues for the year ahead. 


There is no need to prepare ahead of time!

We do ‘random picks’ from the deck of virtues cards during the workshop.

You would need a real deck of the Virtues Project cards or the Virtues Cards app.

We see where the virtues lead us by picking our core virtue and

our guiding, strength, challenge and sustaining virtues.    

We will pick all these randomly during the workshop and give ourselves lots of time to share with others in breakout rooms to talk about what the message is in the virtues for us for this year!


Whatever comes up for me, I hold it lightly and don’t stress too much! 

I know that it’s never a criticism, the virtues only hold encouragement & support. 


If you want to join me, I would be thrilled!


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