The 90 Day Plan Workshops are offered every season giving an opportunity to create virtue based goals for the next 3 months with community support.


Each workshop has an opportunity to reflect on the last 3 months (whether you had a previous 90 day plan or not!) and then to focus on the next 3 month and imagine what they could be. 


While creating our 90 Day Plans together, we practice all 5 strategies of The Virtues Project.  We use The Language of the Virtues – as we choose the virtue to support each goal, and acknowledge each other in the process.

We access our Teachable Moments – as we look back, and then forward, and reflect on what is showing up in our live.s

We practice Setting Clear Boundaries – as we gain clarity about what we want and NOT want to do!

We Honour the Spirit – by connecting with our true selves and honouring the virtues we see in each other, and by finding an artistic way to document & share our goals! (Bring your craft supplies & markers!)

We practice Companioning – while listening to each other share our goals & reflections with deeply present receptive silence.