I can remember thinking, a long time ago, when the UN declared 1986 the International Year of Peace…  ‘what can I do?’ 

‘How can I possibly make a difference?’ 

I was pregnant and had a 3-year-old. I was babysitting to put food on the table

while Barry finished college. ‘What could I possibly do?’ 


You know what I believe…

what I know now? 

We CAN do something…

We CAN make a difference…


It’s like ripples from a pebble thrown into the water. When we act with our noble intentions, we make a difference. 


That’s the principle The Virtues Project stands on. 

That we are created noble.

That we all have within us the potential of all the virtues.

We need only to awaken them, to practice them, to choose them.


The big question is HOW?

Then, I was a young mother, so I packed up my daughter and the boys I was babysitting, carried the stroller down the 3 flights of stairs of our apartment walk-up and went to the park. In the park at 12 noon, on the third Tuesday of September, we had a minute of silence followed by a moment of joyous sound! A Peal For Peace. I rang my little bells with that tiny group, (Grace? Were you there?) and thought about how the moment was being recognized in the halls of The United Nations. 

I guess it was right then that I was deciding that while I have my eye on that widest ripple out there encompassing the whole world and all of humanity,

my sphere of action is right here, with my children, my husband, family & friends…

throwing my small pebble into the water of my community. 


We all struggle to find a way to have our noble intentions realized.


The Virtues Project’s 5 Strategies gives us the tools to activate those intentions.


The ‘HOW’!




Mondays starting on January 15th, 2024

7:00-7:20 pm EST

Fee – $40 CA/month Recommended

Equity Pricing – Pay What You Can

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This program includes

  • 20 minute Micro Class once a week, 3 times a month
  • Focus on ONE Micro-Strategy each week
  • Practicing that ‘Micro-Strategy’ all week and checking in to say ‘DID IT’ on whatsapp each day
  • A video to watch on the ‘off’ week
  • The program runs for 5 months -one month for each of The Virtues Project Strategies. 

 These 5 Strategies are the tools we can use to activate our intentions and create that ripple for positive in the world!   They are simple and yet quite remarkably powerful! 

Course Schedule

January 15, 22, 29

February 5, 12, (19 – off for family day), 26

March 4, (11 – off for March Break), 18, 25

April (1- off for Easter), (8- off for my husbands birthday!) 15, 22, 29

May 6, 13, (20 – off for Victoria Day), 27