Hope Virtues Bulletin Board

There were lots of ways that we showcased the Virtue of the Month.  One way was to create a monthly bulletin board.  Once the program had been established for a couple of years a supportive principal asked us to move our Bulletin Board to a prominent place by the main office.  This was a time when The Virtues Project™ in the school was being presented as our ‘best face forward’.  


To create the Monthly Bulletin Board the main resource used was The Virtues Project™ Educators’ Guide.  We’d take the pages focused on each virtue and create posters from some of the sections: What is… (the virtue)? Why Practice it? How do you practice it? Signs of Success. Poster Points, and some of the quotes.  It was a task that could be delegated and shared with another enthusiastic teacher, club or class that wanted to participate more.  This collaboration happened as people in the school felt the positive impact of the focus on the virtues and wanted to become involved.