Unity Among Students

Quick & Easy – do an announcement over the PA system!

Big & Involved – do a presentation at an assembly!


By October we’d have our Theme for our Virtues of the Month Initiative for the year.

Its poster was created, selected, printed, laminated and distributed or about to be distributed. The Virtues of the Month themselves had been selected and assigned to the months and

a mini poster design has been created and the individual posters for

The Virtue of September ~ Respect and for the Virtue of October have been created. 

It is also a great idea to have the plan for how each monthly poster will be created…

and when, and by who for the upcoming months!


It’s time for the BIG REVEAL to the School Community!

If there was no other way to announce all of this to the school community, we’d use the morning announcements to let everyone know what had been selected and to thank those who had contributed.  This would be synchronized with the installation of the posters in all the public spaces and the distribution of the posters to staff so there would be a bit of a feeling of an event revealing the campaign to everyone.


At the height of the program, when The Virtues Project very active and supported within the school culture, I would have a group of students who were part of The Virtues Project Club create a presentation for a school assembly.  They would introduce the Theme of the Year and the Poster to the whole school and introduce the Virtues of the Month that had been chosen.  One time they showed previous posters from the past years to give students a sense of continuity and identity, showing that this was something we do at our school and have done for a long time, intentionally focusing on virtues every month.

It showed how our virtues work became part of a narrative, a history, and our identity.


Synchronized with this ‘Reveal’ was the posting of the Posters in strategic places in the school as listed in a previous post. 


Some years we made extra posters and delivered them to key places and people in our town. We would present posters to the local mayors, First Nations Chief and Councils, local library, and any store fronts who wished to display the poster. The poster with the Theme of the Year has great potential for outreach to the local community. 


All of this action and incredible work by the students would usually culminate in a great article in the local paper which just augmented our community outreach and send of community unity.