Virtues Poster Portrait

I have been retired for a year since June 2021 and for the 25 years of my career as a high school teacher I applied The Virtues Project™ strategies and virtues in my classroom and in the high school community.


I want to share with you what that looks like,

how to do it,

why to do it, but first, what did we do?


Most of The Virtues Project™ activities at my school were clustered around one main initiative, The Virtues of the Month.


From this central piece we developed events, promotional materials, creative opportunities, leadership development, outreach to the community and celebrations.  These gave us lots of ways to Use the Language of the Virtues, to Set Clear Boundaries using the Virtues, to Recognize Teachable Moments, to Honour the Spirit of our students, their families and our staff and to Companion one another to our own clarity.


The Virtue of the Month Initiative lasted the entire school year.

It gave us a purposeful way to move through the cycle of the year and stay engaged with the virtues in a meaningful student lead way.